Cosmetic Grade Peels

Peel back the ravages of time to reveal your skin’s true beauty.

Cosmetic grade peels work wonders on tired, blemished, discoloured or scarred skin. Stripping away layers of dead and damaged cells to reveal your skin’s inner beauty. Repair and rejuvenate your skin in a single treatment.

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Treat your skin.

It’s the closest thing to a miracle for your skin.

Try our range of Skinceuticals micro-peels for a more radiant healthy skin. Our micro-peels are a perfect choice to help restore the condition of your skin. We have a range of peels tailored to your skin concerns. Depending on the condition of your skin it is recommended that 3-4 peels will achieve your desired outcomes. Our peels range in strength, your therapist will generally start you on a lite peel and gradually step you up to a more intense peel after a series of treatments.

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Pigment Peel
Skin Clearing Resurfacing Peel
Age Defence Revitalising Peel
Radiance + Peel
Ultra Brightening Peel
Phyto Corrective Medi-Facial
Vitamin C Medi-Facial
Clarifying Clay Medi-Facial
Add On Neck + Décolletage
Add On Extractions

Mesoestetic Acnelan & Cosmelan Available

*Please note that Skin Clique offers Acnelan & Cosmelan by Mesoestetic. For the best pigment & acne results in Brisbane, allow the experts in our West End clinic to assist you. These treatments consist of chemical skin peels along with home care products and requires clients to book in for a complimentary consultation to ensure client suitability. As these peels can be intense, it is important that clients are made fully aware and have a clear understanding before undertaking either of these treatments. Mesoestetic is a Spanish skin care company which has spent years formulating the very best corrective skin care treatments that give a guaranteed result. Cosmelan which is targeted at anyone who suffers from mild to extreme types of melasma or hyperpigmentation involves an in clinic chemical peel (which is then left on for 6-12 hrs depending on skin type, it is then washed off at home and followed through with the prescribed home care).  Mesoestetic have done studies on over 1 million patients who have undertaken Cosmelan and found that 99% of participants saw an improvement of over 80%. This makes is the worlds number 1 melasma reduction solution. Cosmelan Cost: $1149 (was $1550) (includes chemical peel, home care package & 3 Yellow LED Light Therpy) Acnelan is another skin care range developed by Mesoestetic which focuses on Mild - Severe Acne. The Treatment consists of 3 in clinic chemical peels along with home care products. Similar studies have been done in regards with Acnelan where almost every single client saw reduction in acne of over 80%. Acnelan Price: $899 (was $1200) includes 3 in clinic peels + home care bundle 

Benefits of Cosmetic Grade Peels

With so many peels to choose from, there’s one specifically suited to your skin.

Preparation and Aftercare

For the best possible results, follow a few simple preparation and aftercare recommendations.


Choose the ideal treatment

Let our skilled skin therapists create a personalised treatment plan to suit your skin type so you can achieve optimal results.


Prepare your skin for treatment

Most anti-aging injectables do not require any special pre-treatment regimens. However, it is important to follow your therapist’s instructions regarding pretreatment steps that might be necessary for your particular condition.


What to expect directly after treatment

Redness in the treated area should subside within 24 hours.


Nourish with aftercare products

Follow your therapist’s advice and use the appropriate aftercare products and sunscreens to maintain healthy skin after your treatments and ensure lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we encounter.

How does it work?2020-10-12T14:38:12+10:00

Using the most superior medical grade laser device on the market, the Candela GentleMax pro can treat any skin tone from dark to fair. The device is classified as the Golden Standard in laser hair removal meaning no other device can achieve the same results.

The device allows treatments to be safe, fast, painless and highly efficacious.

The laser targets the pigment in your hair follicle causing it to absorb the light and heat which then damages the follicle enough to discourage further growth.
Each treatment reduces your hair growth between 10-20% which is why a series of treatments are recommended for best results.

What are the benefits?2020-10-12T14:40:45+10:00
  • Saves time and money
  • Safe and painless (less painful than waxing)
  • Gets rid of ingrown hairs and bumps
What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?2020-10-12T14:40:15+10:00
  • Prior to treatment shave the treated area 12-24 hours beforehand. Do not pluck, wax, thread or do any form of hair removal which removed the root of the hair.
  • Avoid excessive sun for 2-4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Ensure no fake tan is present on the skin. Skin must be squeaky clean.
What is the recovery time (downtime)?2020-10-12T14:41:31+10:00

No downtime. You can resume to your daily life right after.

What results should I expect?2020-10-12T14:41:58+10:00

After the first treatment, clients will experience a 10-20% reduction in hair growth. We recommend 6-10 treatment at 4 – 6 weekly intervals, plus maintenance.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?2020-10-12T14:43:08+10:00

Anyone who:

  • Is pregnant
  • Has an active sunburn or has had recent sun exposure
  • Skin cancer or any suspicious lesions
  • Has metal implants in the treatment area
  • Has wounds, irritation, dermatitis on treatment area
  • Tattoos on treatment area
What to expect after the treatment?2020-10-12T14:43:50+10:00

Slight redness and heat may be felt after the treatment however will often be resolved within 24 hours.

Post treatment care?2020-10-12T14:44:49+10:00
  • We recommend against any physical activity , saunas, steam rooms or anything that results to sweating for minimum of 48 hours.
  • No excessive sun exposure for 2-4 weeks after
  • Sunscreen
  • Keeping well hydrated
  • Wearing loose clothing for the first 24 hours
  • Laser Aid Gel

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