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Rediscover a radiant even skin tone.

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What if you could undo the damage that sun, hormones, age and life in general have done to your skin? Well now you can. Our advanced pigment removal skin treatments reduce the appearance of age spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone for a fresh glowing appearance.

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Remove unwanted pigmentation.

Reveal a younger, more even skin tone.

Pigmentation and uneven skin tone can leave you feeling embarrassed and dejected. But there is great news. Our advanced pigmentation removal treatments can reverse the effects of sun damage, hormones, trauma and discolouration leaving you with a radiant even skin tone.

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Reduce uneven skin tone and pigmentation and get the more youthful skin you deserve.
Treatment Single price Pre Pay 4 (Save 25%) 50% Off NOW!
Face – Full $179.00 $89.50 Contact Us
Face 1/2 $129.00 $103.00 $64.40 Contact Us
Nose $59.00 $44.00 $29.50 Contact Us
Cheeks $59.00 $44.00 $29.50 Contact Us
Neck $89.00 $71.00 $44.50 Contact Us
Décolletage $149.00 $111.00 $74.50 Contact Us
Face + Neck + Décolletage $299.00 $239.00 $149.50 Contact Us
Arms – Full $289.00 $216.00 $144.50 Contact Us
Arms – 1/2 $169.00 $126.00 $84.50 Contact Us
Shoulders $149.00 $111.00 $74.50 Contact Us
Hands $89.00 $66.00 $44.50 Contact Us
Legs – Full $499.00 $374.00 $249.50 Contact Us
Legs – 1/2 $299.00 $224.00 $149.50 Contact Us
Upper Back $189.00 $141.00 $94.50 Contact Us
Shoulders + Upper Back $225.00 $168.00 $112.50 Contact Us
Full Back $289.00 $216.00 $144.50 Contact Us

Benefits of Pigmentation Removal

Removing uneven skin tone and pigmentation will leave your skin looking fresher and younger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we encounter.

How does it work?2020-10-12T14:50:08+10:00

Laser for pigmentation removal in a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy from a laser to remove irregular pigmentation and improve overall skin texture. The laser is designed to treat superficial brown blemishes, lentigines or age spots which are premature ageing brown marks, generally appearing on the backs of hands and on the face. Sunburn freckles are the result of sun damage and occur on the back, upper chest and shoulders.

The laser beam targets these pigmented spots and destroys them. Your bodys response system absorbs the pigment, whilst some pigmented lesions turn into a crust like texture and simply disappear within 5-14 days.

What are the benefits?2020-10-12T14:51:05+10:00
  • Takes years off your appearance
  • Restores skin to look more youthful and clear
What is the recovery time (downtime)?2020-10-12T14:55:40+10:00

There is no downtime with this treatment, makeup can be applied immediately and you can get back to doing your normal day to day things.

What results should I expect?2020-10-12T14:55:57+10:00

Within 2 weeks from when you receive the treatment, the pigmentation on the skin disappears or lightens. Those with heavy pigment are recommended to have anywhere between 2-4 treatments at 4 weeks apart for optimal results.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?2020-10-12T14:54:43+10:00

Anyone who:

  • Is pregnant
  • Has an active sunburn or has had recent sun exposure
  • Skin cancer or any suspicious lesions
  • Has metal implants in the treatment area
  • Has wounds, irritation, dermatitis on treatment area
  • Diabetics
  • Tattoos on treatment area
What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?2020-10-12T14:57:13+10:00
  • Avoid excessive sun for 2-4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Ensure no fake tan is present on the skin. Skin must be squeaky clean.
  • Cease the use of all blood thinning medications or supplements for several days if possible, this will minimise risk of bruising
  • If you are prone to cold sores please ensure you visit your local pharmacy and take anti viral medication 2 days before, the day of and 2 days after the day of treatment
  • Please advise your therapist of any medical conditions or medications you are on. Your safety is our number one priority.
  • Sometimes your therapist will ask you to prepare your skin two weeks prior to treatment to achieve maximum results.
Post treatment care?2020-10-12T14:58:09+10:00
  • We recommend against any physical activity, saunas, steam rooms or anything that results to sweating for minimum of 48 hours.
  • No excessive sun exposure for 2-4 weeks after
  • Sunscreen
  • Keeping well hydrated
  • Your therapist will also recommend home care for maximum results

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