Your skin is regarded as being the largest organ that you possess. It plays an important role when it comes to protecting the body, so it’s essential that you practice your due diligence when it comes to keeping your skin fresh and healthy. Most people think that caring for your skin takes an abundance of time. But, similarly to brushing your teeth, caring for your skin can easily become second nature. In this post we take a look at 5 skin tightening Brisbane tips to consider when it comes to keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Woman applying moisturizer on the skin

1) Protect Yourself From Sun Exposure

Getting some sunlight every now and then is good when it comes to increasing your vitamin D intake. However, being exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun for extended periods of time can lead to various skin conditions such as wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer and discoloration. Therefore, it’s important that you use sunscreen so that it can protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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2) Gentle Skin Care Products

In addition to conducting good hygiene practices, ensure that you wash your face and hands several times throughout the day. Washing your hands and face can help to remove dead cells, germs, oils and dirt from your skin. The AAD suggest that you should:

  • Apply a moisturiser to your skin on a daily basis.
  • Use a mild cleanser and warm water to wash your face at least 2 times per day.
  • Rinse thoroughly after washing to remove soap residue.

3) Collagen

Collagen is an essential skin tightening Brisbane protein that the body uses to keep the skin youthful and healthy. Our body naturally produces its own collagen to keep your skin in optimum condition. However, aging and lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption and tobacco usage can cause our body to produce less collagen. The end result is that the skin gradually loses its elasticity and becomes dry and rough. By taking a collagen supplement to increase the body’s collagen levels it can help to keep the skin firm, smooth and soft. It’s also worth noting that collagen helps skin cells to repair themselves. As such, increased collagen consumption can lead to accelerated healing.

4) Skin Tightening Procedure

One of the most effective things you can do is to get a skin tightening Brisbane procedure. A skin tightening procedure can help to improve the elasticity and health of the skin by stimulating collagen production within the body. Certain procedures such as a laser skin tightening procedure is regarded as being minimally invasive. The procedure works by applying a certain amount of heat to the skin, to stimulate collagen production. Once this occurs, collagen proteins immediately start working to make the skin firm, less crepey and tighter.

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5) Manage Stress

Most people are aware of the physical effects stress can have on the body. But, did you know it can affect the health of your skin? Data shows that multiple skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis first occurred in many patients when they were in a high-stress situation. Stress can also aggravate many skin conditions like rosacea and acne. Therefore, you can improve the health of your skin by managing your stress.